Home Rules

Welcome to AngusBeefRP!


Use common sense.
Do @(Message)  to call a staff member.
Do not disrespect staff.
Don't be toxic.
Don't minge.
Don't Spam your mic, props, or the chat.
Don't FailRP/FearRP (FearRP is doing something roleplay wise out of fear.)
No bind testing!
Don't use voice changers!
Hacks, exploits, or LuaScripts will get you permenantly banned!
Don't scam other players!
Do not steal or destroy other player's tip jars!
No baiting!
No meta gaming!
NO inappropriate things are allowed in /ooc chat.  AKA - racism - profanity - languages.
When you reach the max active warn limit, (Three,)  you will get kicked!
Any job that can base besides hobos can have a KOS line!
You can't upgrade printers for lower ranks!  This applys to VIP,  Staff, and Trusted!
You can do /ad  to advert something.  (AKA /ad Mug drop 5k!)
Don't self-supply.
Don't prop kill.
Do not nocollide cars and drive though bases.
You can't build in spawn unless you are a hobo or hobo king!
You can't build in a public area unless you are a hobo or hobo king!
No chain/super binds allowed (example. /advert mug/raid/false/over/pdraid/bank raid)
Do Not Leave while in a Sit (LTAP is PERMABANNABLE)
NLR Time is 5 Minutes


No propblocking any rooms.
Each fading door must have 1 keypad on both sides of the door.
The fade length on the keypad must be 4 seconds or longer!
Double faded doors are not allowed.
Only five one-way props are allowed per base.
The keypad must be visible and obviously placed
Only 11 keypads per base.
No more than five fading doors per base.
Prop-Blocking in public space, (aswell as un-owned property,) is prohibited.
KOS lines are allowed!
Putting a building sign up will keep you safe for 15 minutes,  in that time all you can do is build.  Nobody can raid you but you can't have any entities.
Invisible props are prohibited.
One base per person!
Cannot have kos and building sign at same time. (Do not bother people building)
Cannot base with a Gun Dealer unless you are also a Gun Dealer!


You must advert raid by doing "/ad Raid" or your preferred choice of words, as long as it gets the idea across.
You may only raid a specific base every 15 minutes.
You are not allowed to build during a raid.
You can steal printers or bitminers from a base.
NLR still applies to both the raider and the defender!
You must advert raid unless purge!
Raiding a base with a building sign is prohibited!
If someone has less than 30 minutes on the server,  wait to raid them.
The person who getting raided cannot destroy printers during raid!
There is a 10 minute cooldown to raid another base!


If you see your car being carjacked,  don't pick it up to avoid the carjack!  This will get you a 6 minute jail!
You must wait 15 minutes to carjack another car!
If a job can raid,  it can carjack.


Must protect the mayor in the PD during purge!
Cannot kill another CP!
You cannot arrest anyone during the purge!  There are no laws!
Cannot arrest another CP!
Cannot base anywhere except the PD.
Don't ask for a warrent for no reason.  This is considered RDW
Don't block up the public area in the PD!
Cannot purge!
Anyone in PD during purge is KOS.
You are not allowed under any Circumstances allowed to have Printers or any sort of Drug while on a Civil Protection Job.

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